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www.globaclchurchradio.com a market place website covers various platforms: ( lifestyle, entertainment, evangelism, fashion, inspirational topics, environment/ climate change/ human traffic awareness,Prophets Today, leadership topics, the unsigned for upcoming artist – gospel, ., glory moments, Heros of Today). Like us on twitter/facebook Thank you.

Global Church Radio is an online community Radio Station compatible with ios.7.0 onwards, android as well as other smart phones. It services the best content for its user to listen as well as have ability to sign up for new account ready to stream 24/7 hour Podcast! Online stats are visibly available as our buffers streams. The service is made easy for platforms in various subjects such as: evangelism, prophetic, salvation, and lifestyle, business in the marketplace, apologist, and worship among other moral subjects related to Christian teachings. Sign up for unsigned copyright free songs and watch your new audience flood your unreleased song! A personal user account allows you to upload your audio or music ready to stream directly from globalchurchradio.com. Corporates businesses as well as small businesses have new ways to attract an audience with fresh customers! Affordable packages readily waiting for you. Why not drop us an email through our contact form? Download our app and share with your friends today!